Self-directed support is about having choice, control, and flexibility over the support you receive.

This page has information for people who are considering self-directed support with Mind Your Head. If you have a mental health need, and are in receipt of direct payments, you can speak to your social worker who will refer you for our service.

How we can support you

Our staff team provides a support service which is person-centred, flexible, and tailored to your individual needs. Your support plan will be reviewed every three months, but can be done sooner at your request.

Our team can support you to make/attend appointments, shop, access clubs, take up a sport or a new hobby, socialise, and talk in a safe confidential space. Our aim is to support you in living your best life, and reaching your full potential, through the outcomes identified in your With You For You.

About Mind Your Head

Mind Your Head is a Shetland-based mental health charity. We want Shetland to be a place where mental health is supported positively within the community and people do not feel isolated because of their mental health needs.