The Scottish Government policy and action plan Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland was launched on the 7th May at the Thistle Foundation in Craigmiller by the Minister for Public Health and Sport Shona Robison.

The plan aims to increase mental health improvement and outlines six main priorities that should be implemented between 2009-2011.

* Mentally Healthy Infants, Children and Young People

* Mentally Healthy Later Life

* Mentally Healthy Communities

* Mentally Healthy Employment and Working Life

* Reducing the prevelance of Suicide, Self-Harm and Common Mental Health Problems

* Improving the Quality of Life for those Experiencing Mental Health Problems

Public Health Minister Shona Robison begins her report with the following statement:

"We want to create a more successful Scotland with a thriving society that offers everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential. Promoting good mental wellbeing, reducing the occurrence of mental illness and improving the quality of life of those experiencing mental illness is vital to doing just that.

"Our immediate aim is to help everyone to understand how their own and other’s mental health can be improved. Improving mental health and creating this step change in how we, as a society, look after our mental health requires a combined effort. At national, local and individual levels we will ensure that community initiatives and Government policy support people in looking after their own wellbeing. We will also connect this work to our efforts on tackling poverty and inequalities, and supporting economic regeneration, education and early years.

"We are internationally renowned for our work on mental health improvement in Scotland. Over the next two years, this policy and action plan will build on these strong foundations and advance our work through tangible and measurable actions."