This section of the website is designed to provide you with information on mental health and wellbeing.

Everybody has mental health just the same as everybody has physical health. Mental health is about the way you think and feel about yourself, others and the world around you. It’s about your ability to enjoy life, to reach your goals and to pick yourself up when life gets difficult. It can also be about how you manage your relationships and make the most of your potential.

In the same way that our physical health can be affected there are times that things can get on top of us and affect our mental health. We may have difficulty concentrating or we may feel alone, and sometimes people get mental illnesses, like depression, anxiety or an eating disorder. There are things we can do to help our mental health and wellbeing, and some of these things can help your physical health too! People can and do recover from a mental illness, or they learn how to manage their symptoms so the impact on their life isn't as big it once was.

We hope you find this section helpful but we would ask that if there is specific information that you are looking for in relation to mental health and wellbeing that you can't locate on our website that you contact us to let us know.

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