MYH Press Release July 2009

EasyJet chose the Alzheimer's Society as its charity of the year after a Europe wide staff vote and has pledged to raise £1 million to support the 1 million people who will develop the disease in the next ten years.

Mr Andy Harrison, Chief Executive of easyJet, said he was shocked to learn that 1 million people will develop dementia in the next ten years. That's why we have comitted to raising a million for a million - £1 million for the million people who will be facing dementia.

Mr Harrison also stated "Dementia is not a natural part of ageing but it is often still viewed in these terms, meaning it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

"The Government only invests 2% of its medical research budget on dementia. We call on the Government to boost research funding and make this condition a priority."

Actress Linda Bellingham recently joined Alzheimer's chief executive Neil Hunt at Luton Airport to launch the airline's onboard collections, where passengers will be asked to donate their spare foreign change to help fight dementia.

Loose Women star and Alzheimer's Society Ambassador Bellingham said: "Giving loose change to help people with dementia couldn't be easier with easyJet.

"Your few left-over euros could make a world of difference to those affected by this devastating, incurable condition.

"My mother had dementia so I know that Alzheimer's Society offers a lifeline to other families in desperate need of advice and support."

The Alzheimer's Society will also receive a percentage of all scratchcards sold on easyJet flights.

A Dementia Research Summit is due to be held later this month to discuss the future of dementia research.

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