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BBC Eastenders raises awareness of Mental Health as Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) struggles to come to terms with the fact that she suffers from the same condition that her mother Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) has had for many years, Bipolar disorder.

The Eastenders team has worked closely with various charities including Mind and MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship The Bipolar Organisation) to accurately reflect the issue.

Stacy has always been a character of great highs and lows. As the new storylines continues to unfold Stacy's character will be seen to have more deeper and darker mood swings. Afraid, she tries to continue as normal, saying that there is nothing wrong with her. Viewers have seen Stacy struggling to come to terms with her friend Danielle's death, but her life just seems to be spiralling out of control. Her worried mum Jean tries to get her to seek medical help, but Stacy just wants to be left alone.

"It's fantastic that a high-profile soap like EastEnders has been prepared to tackle the challenge of exploring a mental health issue through the experience of Stacey - who is such a well-loved and popular character," said Mind's Chief Executive, Paul Farmer. The degree of research and consultancy they have undertaken to ensure an accurate and honest portrayal of how mental distress affects not only the individual but also family and friends is to be commended.

To find out more about Bipolar disorder and how it can affect the lives of those around you click here

For more about the Stacey's struggle have a look at the bbc webite or click this link 

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