We are delighted to announce the fundraising efforts of Anita Georgeson on behalf of the charity. On September 20th Anita will start her climb to the peak of Kilimanjaro.

Anita is self-funding this trip so all money raised will go to the charity. She has planned manay activities over the next couple of months to help raise her target of £10,000!

Anouska Civico Service Manager of MYH said "I am in awe of Anita's drive and enthusiasm about the climb but also her commitment to not only raising money for us but highlighting the work of the charity. We intend to use the money to set up 'Anita's pot'. Each month we will alocate an amount of money from the overall amount raised and we will ask individuals to apply for money for whatever they feel would have an impact on their wellbeing. Examples could be a shirt and tie for an interview, sessions with a chiropractor, electricity top-up, an haircut, the list is endless. A small panel will asses the applications at the end of each month and a number of individuals will be supported via the 'pot'. This is a great way to help numerous people within the community and we can be creative in how it helps."

Please read in Anita's own words why she is doing this.

I am so excited- I am heading to Africa in just over 6 months time to climb Kilimanjaro. I experienced a tough year in 2017, which brought me down to a low place. I can't go into what happened to me, only I survived it. I was signed off work and just wanted to shut myself off. Some of the hardest days, I could not have coped had it not been for family, my Dad was my rock and my close friends. I totally lost my identity for weeks and months I went on just getting through the days. My spirit had been torn from me and it was hard to explain how it felt to my family.

Where did this fun loving daughter, sister, mum, wacky granny, aunty and friend go? Then came one of my lowest days and I managed to source some strength and the turning point came.

I was not going to let anything/anyone destroy my family and me. I loved my life and had big plans for it! I wanted me back on track more than anything. I am that person who wants life around her to be happy not sad.

So yes, the day came when I pulled myself back on my feet again and gradually I grew stronger and stronger I did. I started making plans again. I have always loved walking and hiking, nothing better for the soul than the open space of beauty around you and it's the best way to clear up unwanted thoughts in all elements of weather. There are some fabulous walks around Shetland.

I did the West Highland Way a couple of years ago with my family-so reccomended this walk was totally awesome! On the last day of our walk as we neared Fort William there came the sight of Ben Nevis. What a beauty! If we only had the time to climb it! We loved the experience so much we decided to book it again for the following year 2017 and climb Ben Nevis. Luckily, all this had been booked and organised before I was put in this place of destruction.

I had that wonderful focus to look forward to, and we did it, we hiked to the top of 'The Ben' and it felt fantastic! Got wirselfs back down again and hiked the Great Glen, had so much fun and I mind Karen saying how much she loved it but i wisna tae get any ideas in my head about climbing mountains we her- ha ha! I thought weel Ben Nevis for me was only the beginning.

Well that was it. I got back home and thought 'hell yeah I want tae set myself a challenge, a huge callenge and dere it was KILIMANJARO- the highest freestanding mountain- in the world-why not?!

Then I decided to do it for the charity, Mind Your Head because I felt I had just about lost mine! Its a fantastic charity for so many that cant find it in themselves to fully talk to family and friends. They are there to help you.

I am self-funding this trip so no set amount has to be raised for this to go ahead and every penny that i raise will go to Mind Your Head.

I have organised the following events throughout the year;

  • Gurkha Wednesday 28th March
  • Chinese at the Geat Wall Tuesday 8th May
  • Glow Extravaganza at Clickimin on Saturday 12th May
  • Ronas Romp! Organised walk up Ronas hill on Saturday 9th June
  • Old style Disco at the Legion Saturday 23rd June
  • Bag packing at Tesco 11-4 Saturday 30th June

Alongside all of this I am doing a raffle with wellness prizes. Raffle tickets now available to purchase. It wil be drawn on Friday 14th September. The emphasis of all these events is about raising awareness and looking after yourself and others.

"People should always be mindful of how they treat others. Be careful, be kind and be true because the affects can be devastating. But I am back on top now and on my way to the top of Kilimanjaro."

If you would like to support Anita by sponsoring her please click here.