Mind Your Head is delighted to be sponsoring the Shetland Football Association reserve league for the first time. The decision to sponsor the reserve league is part of our commitment to support men’s mental health.

By working with Shetland Football Association we have been given another opportunity to raise awareness of mental ill health as well as reduce the stigma which surrounds it, particularly in the male environment. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to highlight services available to anyone who may be suffering from a mental health issue or is supporting someone with mental ill health. A programme of mental health training and suicide prevention training is to be developed for football teams as part of the overall men’s mental health campaign.

It’s not the first time that Mind Your Head has backed the local football scene. Since 2010 we have been the proud sponsor of Ness United works league team and are the co-beneficiary of the Club’s 60th anniversary celebrations this year. Mind Your Head has also received support from Brae’s Racing Club Skelladale football team.

Mind Your Head chairperson, Shona Manson said, “When the opportunity arose to sponsor the Shetland Football Association reserve league our committee was in full support. Men’s mental health is going to form a large part of our action plan in 2012 and by working directly with the Association and the football teams we have the perfect chance to encourage men to speak about their own mental health and, importantly, give people confidence to react to someone who may disclose how they are feeling”