A survey to help us shape our future activities and plans has been launched today.

Since our formation we have worked hard on various campaigns and projects including the annual fun run in Spiggie, workshops in schools and awareness raising events in the community. In order to help us shape our future we are asking the local community what you think Mind Your Head should prioritise.

This is especially timely as this year, Scotland’s strategy for mental health and wellbeing will come to an end. This will provide an opportunity for the next Government to take decisive action to improve the country’s mental health and wellbeing and to address many of the continuing challenges to mental health. Mind Your Head feel it is important to look closely at the situation in Shetland, which often has very different needs in improving mental health and wellbeing from that of the rest of the country.

It is important for Mind Your Head to continue in raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental ill health in the community. Chairperson Shona Manson explained “We have been working on this since we formed the organisation but we are now in a position to undertake more as we have staff in place to expand our programme. This survey will help us build on what we have already achieved and ensure that our work reflects what the community sees as the priority areas.”

The survey can be completed online and will also be distributed widely in the community until Wednesday 27th April. The Mind Your Head team will also be at Tesco on Saturday the 9th and in Bolts on Saturday the 16th April to distribute questionnaires and to answer any questions.