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To help simplify your search, we've compiled a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • What does Mind Your Head do?

    Mind Your Head is a charity that aims to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in Shetland. We have two mental health support services and various wellbeing resources. (Read our full story here)

    Support Services

    • Wellness Programme: A free and confidential low level support service, working alongside individuals over the age of 18 to improve their mental wellbeing and to improve their day-to-day functioning.
    • Wellness Together Programme: A free and confidential service for people who are supporting, caring for, or living with someone who is struggling in terms of their mental health.
    • Wellbeing 1000 : A Shetland-wide, nurturing and compassionate, low-level Wellbeing Support service for families with infants up to the age of 2.5 years
    • Well Youth : Supporting young people aged 10-25 in Shetland to look after their mental health and wellbeing

    Resources and Activities

    • Grubby Hut Sessions: A free service for local employers. Mind Your Head staff visit businesses and workplaces to talk to employees about the importance of looking after not only their own mental health, but that of their colleagues’.
    • Feel Good Bag: A free self-care pack for you or someone you know who might need it.
    • SAD Lamps: Using a SAD lamp can provide you with the bright light your body needs during the dark winter months. Did you know that you could borrow a SAD lamp for up to two months from Mind Your Head?

  • Where is Mind Your Head?

    We are based at Market House, 14 Market Street, Lerwick, Shetland. However, our Wellness Programme service is community-wide and we can come to you no matter where you are in Shetland.

  • How can I donate to Mind Your Head?

    You can donate to Mind Your Head via paypal or card through our website donate button. There is also an option to make this a monthly recurring donation. Cheques can be posted or handed in to Market House, 14 Market Street, Lerwick ZE1 0QR, Shetland. Market House is open from 9am-5pm during Mondays to Thursdays, and 9am-4pm on Fridays.

    If you are considering organising a fundraiser for Mind Your Head and would like some information and/or merchandise for the day, please get in touch with our team by phone 01595 745035 or email [email protected].

  • Can I donate a different amount through 5-for-Your-Mind?

    Absolutely! You can do this as soon as you click/tap on the blue "donate" button (top right). PayPal lets you set your own amount before proceeding. Doesn't matter if it's £1 or £100, every penny counts and we can’t tell you just how thankful we are that you’d like to support us. *virtual confetti and high-five*

  • Can I get some counselling from Mind Your Head?

    Our Wellness Practitioners are not counsellors or psychologists, but are mental health support workers who are able to support you through a mental health problem or crisis. We offer 1:1 support towards keeping you well, sometimes this involves providing you with a safe space to speak about what you are going through, looking at practical ways to cope with what is going on at the moment, getting out and about in the community, or finding new interests to keep you busy.

  • Does Mind Your Head sell SAD Lamps?

    Our SAD Lamps are not for sale but you can borrow them for up to two months at a time. For more information on what kind of lamps we have and how to request them, see our page on SAD Lamps.

  • What is a Feel Good Bag?

    The Feel Good Bag is a free self-care pack for you or someone you know who might need it. Each bag contains at least 5 items curated by our team, designed to inspire your self-care practise. For more information or to download application forms, please see our page on the Feel Good Bag.

  • I want to write a study/report about Mind Your Head. Where do I start?

    Our website is a great place to start, all you need to know about what the work that we do can be found here. Alternately, you can also get in touch with our team to arrange an appointment by phone 01595 745035 or email [email protected].

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