A team of dedicated volunteers who give up their time freely because of their desire to see Mind Your Head thrive as a mental health charity.

Here's what our trustees have to say about volunteering for Mind Your Head:

I Joined the Mind Your Head committee back in 2018 after struggling for a time with my own wellbeing and realising what an incredible local charity Mind Your Head is and how they have supported so many Shetlanders of all ages and backgrounds. I knew this was a charity I wanted to be part of to help others and raise awareness among the community.
(Steven Stove, Chair)

I joined the board of MYH as I wanted to use my skills and experience to help give something back into our local community. MYH do so much for our community and are a fantastic asset which I wanted to support.
(Tina Walterson, Previous Trustee)

During a visit to Shetland in 2023 I was really taken by how special Shetland is. During my visit I got to learn about the incredible work Mind Your Head were doing. As a mental health researcher I felt there was something I could contribute to the team and I’m excited to be a part of what MYH are working towards.

(Heather McClelland, Trustee)

I moved to Shetland a year ago and was looking to contribute to a local charity when I saw the appeal for Committee members in the Shetland Times. I have for many years supported people with mental health issues, particularly resulting from stress, and have also experince of being a charity trustee to it seemed a perfect fit.

(Ruth Stock, Trustee)

'I moved up to Shetland in 2021 and wanted to contribute to the exceptional community that makes Shetland such a special place to live. To me, good mental health is the basis on which the enjoyment of life is built, and Mind Your Head is an organisation that helps everyone achieve that.'

(Tim Leigh, Trustee)

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