Mind Your Head is delighted to announce the launch of their recently redeveloped website. Self Help Facilitator, Jill Hood, who commenced employment with Mind Your Head and NHS Shetland in December 2009, has been reviewing the existing wealth of information on mild to moderate mental health conditions. Jill has used this information to create a new section for the Mind Your Head website which details information on a range of topics from anxiety to depression to self esteem and more.

Jill said “We understand that for someone experiencing mental ill health there can be underlying issues or more noticeable concerns, for example some people may use alcohol as a coping mechanism or people may struggle to find or maintain employment. For this reason there is a subsection of ‘Resulting Issues’ on the website so that people can gain a better understanding of how day to day life can change for someone with a mental health issue and how this may also affect the people closest to them.”

Shetland is lucky to play host to a number of fantastic local resources who aim to tackle a wide range of issues relevant to mental health. Part of the website will feature a signposting tool so that people can find out about both local and national services which may be of use to them.

Chair of Mind Your Head, Shona Manson added “Of course one of the primary aims of Mind Your Head is to reduce the stigma which exists around mental health. One of the best ways to do this is to educate people about the mental health issues which exist and to highlight the steps people can take to protect their mental health in their everyday lives. There is a new section of the website which focuses on this and offers practical advice in making changes towards a healthier lifestyle.”

It is hoped that the website will be used in a way which compliments existing professional help services and will encourage people to get talking about their mental health. Mind Your Head would like to thank NB Communication for their role in the construction and design aspects and everyone else who has contributed their support in the production of the website.

If you would like to comment on the site then please contact us, we would like to hear from you.