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Mind Your Head are a Shetland based charity who promote mental health postively throughout Shetland.

We undertake a range or projects that are all designed to raise awareness and improve understanding of an illness that we know touches many lives in our community.  We believe that by improving understanding of mental health and wellbeing, we can not only tackle stigma and discrimination but also encourage people to be more accepting and willing to ask for help when they need it. 

For over ten years we have undertaken a range of initiatives that have helped us to raise awareness and tackle stigma.  We have deliberately targeted younger generations in the knowledge that change does not happen overnight.  Projects, initiatives and events have included annual fun run, education projects such as our Roadshow, delivering training and running campaigns such as our men's mental health and real life stories.  We also work in partnership with Choose Life to promote Suicide prevention awareness annually in September.  You can find out more about our work here.


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Mind Your Head was created in 2005 following personal experiences of its founding members. The first money was received following the funeral of a family member who died by suicide in 2004 following many years suffering from mental health problems.

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Who We Are

Our Management Committee members are appointed (or reappointed) at our annual general meeting. Management Committee meetings are held on a 6-weekly cycle.

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Get Involved

We can only do what we do because of the invaluable time that people give to help us with our work in the community. Find out more about about how you can get involved.

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Feel Good Bag

Information on Mind Your Head's newest self-care project.


Mind Your Head AGM

The Annual General meeting was held this Monday. .


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