On Friday 24th April, SAMH, launched a new national programme which encourages people across Scotland to 'Get Active' Positive steps for Mental Health.

SAMH wants to ensure that everyone no matter their age, income or where they live, are aware of ways to improve their mental health by participating in physical activity or sport.

The charity's message is that in these tough economic times it needn't cost the earth to keep fit and active. A five minute walk to the shops, walking the dog, taking the kids out for a day exploring the beach, and of course the other options of joining the gym, going swimming etc.

The charity plan to run the programme for 5 years and evaluate the improvements people make to their mental health and wellbeing through getting active as well as measuring the money saved by the NHS.

Sir Chris Hoy, Olympic Gold Medallist and SAMH Ambassador said

'If everyone in Scotland changed just one aspect of their lifestyle, such as walking to the shops instead of taking the car, it would make a huge difference to their physical and mental health. I would like to encourage everyone to Get Active'.

Now that the longer days are here it's the ideal time to dust off those old walking boots and go out and explore. What about taking the camera with you and snapping some pictures of all the newborn lambs and ponies when you're out and about. Or if the weather's a bit blowy, get a kite! great fun for all the family!

Let us know what activity you enjoy, and, if we get enough responses, we'll let you know what are the most popular activities in Shetland this Spring.