Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk 5k.... the beginning

So I’ve gone and done something rash, as a larger man (fat, obese, overweight, solid - you can choose your own word), movement is not my favourite activity. Things rub against other things, sweat trickles into places it shouldn’t and it is generally a grim experience. So why have I just told my fellow trustees at Mind Your Head that I am going to take part in the fun run to raise some money.

Partly it is because raising money for MYH is a good thing, partly it is because if I don’t take part I’m sure I’ll end up managing a stall or stewarding on the day, but mainly it's because I’ve got to make some changes and there is nothing like very public humiliation to keep you motivated.

Last year I was invited to take part in a BBC Radio Shetland show called Heartbeat, a fitness instructor, a nutritionist and a healthy lives specialist and me - the token fat guy. I’m still not quite sure why I said yes, but it was a really cathartic thing for me to do. It's not like I was unaware of the size I was, but talking about the impact it was having on my life, particularly how small my world had become, got me thinking.

I am now committed, I’ve got my membership off Clickimin and had my first weigh in. I’ve been fully inducted into the world of the Apex fitness centre and Karen has written my training plan. I’ve even got a training partner who has agreed to meet me three times a week at 7.15am and grind out the miles. I’m feeling positive if a little anxious....

Weight - 27st 13.5lbs