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We can only do what we do because of the invaluable time that people give to help us with our work in the community. Find out more about about how you can get involved.

Young people in Brae volunteered to help us make a film called 'net.curtain'

There are various ways that you can get involved with the work of Mind Your Head and here are some of our current volunteering opportunities.  Along with each description are some of the main skills and knowledge development opportunities we have identified.  

Hopefully these short descriptions will help you chose what role you are interested in.  Remember, this list is not exhaustive.  You may have a very specific area you want to volunteer in and we will whenever possible accommodate that – If you have a idea please contact us. Volunteers are covered by Mind Your Head's employers and public liability insurance whilst they are volunteering.

Administration assistant - We are a very busy local charity so anyone who is willing to help us out with what can sometimes be quite time consuming tasks is always welcome.  Volunteers for this varied role will learn more about the work behind the scenes of our public profile and help with tasks ranging to mailouts, keeping databases up to date as well as assisting with recording statistics from important local surveys we regularly undertake. Development opportunities include administration, computers, team work, mental health and wellbeing, communication.

Board member - You will contribute to the overall management and strategic direction of our young charity.  Board meetings are held every six weeks and as well as working alongside fellow board members in monitoring progress of the overall work of the charity you will also have the chance to be influential in the future direction of Mind Your Head.  Development opportunities include charity management, team work, finance and funding, mental health, communication.

Campaign/marketing assistant - We promote mental health positively throughout Shetland.  We do this through various ways but a key way is through projects and or campaigns focusing on certain areas of mental health and wellbeing.  This over the next year will include a men’s mental health campaign, a real life stories project as well as ensuring our website has information in  support of our overall aim.  This role can therefore be very varied or as specific as you want it to be.  Development opportunities include marketing, internet and social media, team work, mental health, communication.

Volunteers assist with creating an awareness raising campaign called 'It's in your face'

Event assistant - Throughout the year we organise many events.  These range from our annual Fun Run to smaller events such as our Promise signing events.  You will have the chance to be involved in many different areas of planning and delivering an event—from initial ideas right through to evaluating its success at the end.   You can also just help out on the day—the level of  involvement is up to you.  Development opportunities include organisation, fundraising, team work, mental health and wellbeing, communication.

Fundraising assistant - There are various opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to assist with our fundraising efforts.  Roles can vary from helping us at fundraising events, marketing,  charity collections—the list is endless.  We often want to ensure that our fundraising activities also have a positive mental health and wellbeing message at their heart.  This is an ideal role for someone who would like to be able to volunteer but maybe doesn't’t have time to commit on a regular basis.  Development opportunities include organisation, fundraising, team work, marketing, communication.

Mind Your Head recognises that volunteers require a satisfying experience and personal development. We aim to help volunteers meet these needs and provide training and support for them to be effective. We will set up and use appropriate channels for consulting with our volunteers on the issues and decisions that affect them in their contribution to Mind Your Head. All volunteers will have a named person as their main point of contact who will provide regular support, supervision and feedback regarding their role as a Mind Your Head volunteer.

If you are volunteering as a Board member you will be provided with an induction pack at our AGM (or prior to the next scheduled board meeting). Board members will also be offered the opportunity to attend volunteer training.

Anne Burke, who was a board member with us for a number of years, was always willing to get stuck in with the variety of tasks

Opportunities to participate in relevant further training are available to support our volunteers’ involvement and enhance their own skills and knowledge. If you have any specific area which you personally wish to develop then please let us know. For each voluntary role undertaken every volunteer and their main contact will complete a Statement of Commitment together. This Statement outlines the specific details of the task they have both agreed as well as the mutual rights and responsibilities of the volunteer and Mind Your Head. (This is not a contract. Mind Your Head has no intention of creating a contract with any volunteers).

Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning Mind Your Head and its work. We strive to identify innovative, practical ways for this to happen, including the use of volunteer forum meetings, which are held bi-annually. You can also keep in touch with us through our Facebook volunteer group, which is an online closed forum for interaction between volunteers and the team. You will be provided with details of this as well as contact information at your initial training.

If you have any other ideas with other ways you can help Mind Your Head to promote Mental Health positively or to tackle stigma within the community, please let us know and we will try our best to make your idea a reality.

To find out more contact us.

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