Mind Your Head’s aims and objectives remain the same today as when the charity was formed in 2005 – to tackle the stigma associated with mental ill health, ‘normalise’ mental health and wellbeing and encourage people to speak about it.

Over the last 16 years, the Shetland community has supported us both financially and in helping us to achieve our aims. We never take this continued support for granted and we feel privileged and proud that with such phenomenal backing we have been able to grow significantly.

For many years Mind Your Head employed a small staff team who worked incredibly hard on different projects and successfully helped develop its reputation as Shetland’s mental health charity.

In 2017 significant and much-needed funding was secured which resulted in the launch of our first support service – the Wellness Programme.

Since the launch of that service, we have been fortunate to receive further funding to develop more services and our staff team has grown significantly.

We work with:

• People who are experiencing a change in their mental health and wellbeing;
• People who are supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health;
• Families who have recently had a baby;
• People who are in receipt of a self-directed support payment.

We are also currently working in schools across Shetland delivering important messages about self-care.

It has been a transformation of the charity in a relatively short space of time and we are continuing develop new services.

We now support many people living all over Shetland covering a wide age range and backgrounds. As of today, we employ 13 staff and have a management committee made up of 10 volunteers.

Although we have grown, the key message at the core of the charity remains the same. It is important to highlight that again as we approach World Mental Health Day – we are here to help and want to ensure that nobody in Shetland ever faces mental health struggles alone.

Anouska Civico
Chief executive, Mind Your Head