As part of mental health awareness week that runs from Monday 8th May, Mind Your Head, Brae High School Youth Worker and Art Machine have worked collaboratively with local Brae High School student Imogen Leslie in designing a campaign targeting young people.

The poster campaign is aimed at raising awareness of very common mental health problems and their symptoms, and is trying to normalise these thoughts and feelings amongst young people.

Throughout this week a different character with a different symptom will be launched every day except Friday, when there is an event being held at Islesburgh Room 16 1.00-2.30pm. There will be a short presentation on how this project came about, what impact it has had during this week and how it can continue in the future. There will be a chance for people to meet other agencies working with young people, as well as taking copies of the posters for resources.

During the week Loren Manson (Youth Services) from Brae High School and Anouska Civico (Project Manager from Mind Your Head) will be visiting schools and talking about the posters with a selection of primary and secondary school children.

Imogen Leslie from Brae High School is the person responsible for the design and wording of the posters. They are her own take on mental ill health and how it can manifest itself. Imogen explains how these characters came about: “I drew these characters when I was feeling a bit anxious and depressed. Instead of sitting and doing nothing, I decided to draw these characters and give them the feelings that were making me upset. In seeing these characters which were based off my emotions made me smile instead of feeling low. I didn’t expect anyone to see these four characters, I drew them for myself. At school one day I decided to show my school youth worker Loren and now it is a big campaign which I feel very proud of bit I am also nervous”.

Monday sees the launch of Terry, who represents Depression.

When I made Terry I wanted to make the colour to look like it was draining out of him. Depression to me is colourless.