Did you know that you could borrow a SAD lamp for up to two months from Mind Your Head?

Using a SAD lamp can provide you with the bright light your body needs during the dark winter months. It can help to boost your energy levels, put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake.1 Light therapy is safe and is proven to help alleviate the winter blues and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).2

It's best to tackle the winter blues and SAD as soon as possible! Look out for early signs – often in September or October – and if you start to feel lethargic, anxious or irritable, it might be a good idea to speak to a member of our team about using a SAD lamp.

Getting Started
Position the lamp at arm's length (about 50cm/20in) with the plastic screen angled towards your face. Plug into the power outlet and switch on. Although you don't need to stare at it, the light must reach your eyes to have any effect. This means you can use the lamp whilst working at the computer, watching TV, reading, etc. Dark glasses, tinted lenses or closing your eyes will all limit the effects of light therapy.

What time of day should I use it?
If you're using your lamp to help with the winter blues, bright light in the morning has been shown to be most effective so try that first. For some people, early evening light exposure is beneficial. Once you've found a pattern that's right for you, try to use it around the same time every day.

How long should I have it on for?
Everybody is different, but 30-60 minutes will probably be enough for to feel the positive benefits of using the lamp. There's no harm in using it for longer and you can even make up this time by dipping in throughout the day. If you find your eyes ache slightly, try using it further away or switch it off for a while.

Research shows that light therapy is very safe. However, please check with your doctor first if any of the following apply:
- You have a major eye problem or have had eye surgery
- You have been advised to avoid bright light or are taking medication that make cause photo-sensitivity
- You have been diagnosed with depression or other mood/sleep disorders. This is especially important if you are also taking medication for this, since light therapy can also affect your mood.

This guidelines in this section are not medical directions for treating any condition. If your doctor has suggested using light therapy, follow their instructions and discuss any effect with them.

Please follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding the SAD lamps. Mind Your Head will not be held accountable for any injuries or misuse of this device.

What next?
If you would like to put in a request to borrow a SAD Lamp, please fill out this online form.

1 J Affect Disord. 2000 Jan-Mar;57(1-3):55-61.
2 Am J Psychiatry. 2005 Apr;162(4):656-62.