When we lose someone we love, be it a family member or friend or even a pet, the feelings of loss that we can experience can be shattering. We may feel overwhelmed, helpless, sad, tearful and worried.

What is important is to talk with someone about how you feel.  For example, sharing memories with friends and family of your loved one can help for some.  We understand that trying to put into words what you feel can be really difficult, especially at a time of emotional distress.

Please do no be afraid to ask for professional assistance if you find it hard to cope over time.  A visit to your GP at your local health centre to discuss how things are and what could be done to help holds no shame. 

Moodjuice also provide a helpful guide which you can access here that is designed to help you understand and manage or overcome your grief.

If you have experienced a loss very recently this practical guide may be of assistance.

The Scottish Association of Mental Health published 'After a Suicide' to provide practical advice and information, which can be accessed here.


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