Getting Fit For Fun- No. 8

Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk 5k.......North Road ahead

I am unable to report any weight loss this week, I also missed a gym session today.  Don't worry, it's not the beginning of the end my attempt to take part in the MYH walk.  I'm just trying to build a sense of jeopardy.

I can't report any weight loss because I didn't get on the scales of fate Monday. However I have dropped another two belt notches which is positive. I would like to keep using the same belt till the walk and tracking my progress through Notch Watch, but I'm now out of holes (there has got to be a better way of phrasing that). If anyone can lend me a punch plier let me know, it would be much appreciated.

I skipped the gym, partly because I was providing early morning iPad technical support to my mum, but mainly because I had decided to walk to work. According to google maps I live 1.1 miles from the office and it should take me 21 mins. I first walked the route back in January, not voluntarily, my car was being MOT'd. Though mostly downhill it wasn't easy, I didn't even bother attempting to walk home. Today the walk to work was, and I can't quite believe I'm saying this, pleasant.

Getting home is another story as it involves heading up North Road which is a bit of a grind,  I made it in one piece, but I did look both ways a couple of times before crossing the last few roads so I could catch my breath.

Weight 26st 12lbs

Total Loss 1st 1.5lbs

Notch Watch down 4

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