Getting Fit For Fun- No. 6

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We had a Mind Your Head committee meeting last week, the first one since I have started this little healthy living malarky.  Usually someone brings some biscuits to help sustain us through the debates and discussions and I must confess that I had been looking forward to this all day.  I was sure that I would be able to sneak a cookie without anyone noticing!  I hope I covered my disappointment well when I was greeted by a pile of fruit ‘to support me’, but I cried a little inside.  To be honest the feedback I am getting from everyone to keep me on the straight and narrow is fantastic.  When I’m weakening the fact that it seems like everyone knows what I am trying to achieve and tells me how well I'm doing puts a break on the thought process.

There has been a bit of a debate on Facebook about whether weight is the best measurement to report how I am doing, and to an extent I agree with what's being said.  I have been disappointed by how slowly the weight seems to be coming off and possibly other measurements would be more encouraging.  My problem is that I am more embarrassed by my dimensions than I am by my weight, a while ago my circumference was nearly more than my height, I was literally shaped like a rugby ball.  I think I’m quite lucky that I’m doing this to take part in the Mind Your Head walk and lead a healthier life, so weight loss isn’t the primary goal, it's a nice secondary spin off but it's not my sole focus.  However, after a week of literally having to hold my trousers up, I have moved my belt in another notch, this is the second notch since I started.  So if it's okay with you all I’ll keep reporting my weight loss, but I’ll also report a new measurement of ‘belt notch reductions’.

Karen and I have agreed to meet up weekly and check my progress, so today is my first weekly report.  After a hard hour at the gym we met at the scales of fate in a small room at Clickimin and it was another positive result.  In a week I have lost 2lbs.

I’m feeling positive and secretly very grateful to my fellow committee colleagues for bringing the fruit and saving me from myself.

Weight 27st 4.5lbs

Total Loss 9lbs

Total belt notch reductions 2


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