Getting Fit For Fun- No. 3

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I am now feeling a little more rational about last weigh in’s outcome, it went down not up, which has to be a positive, even if only a little one.  It was probably the first time in five years that I have consumed exactly the right amount of calories for the activity I was doing, and the fact that the activity now includes 45mins of cardio must all be seen as a positive.

I have made some more changes to my lifestyle in the past fortnight.  I have been introduced to the wonders of porridge and have been gifted a fruit bowl for my office desk (thanks Ann!).  I have stopped eating processed food, though I am a bit confused about this one, as I am not sure where yogurt sits on the processed food scale.  Most importantly I have nearly eliminated bread in all its forms (pitta, wraps, rolls etc) from my diet.

The real challenge with not wanting to eat bread is lunch, what are you meant to put around your healthy fillings if it's not some sort of bread?  So in the last week I have been experimenting with soups, oatcakes, Shetland hard biscuits, an accidental purchase of cabin biscuits, and just eating the healthy filling with nothing wrapped round it.  I do miss bread, but what I have really noticed is how much harder it is to snack with no bread in the house, no pieces of toast when I get home from work, no marmite sandwiches on a Sunday afternoon, if I haven't lost weight at tomorrow's weigh in I may start feeling a little desperate.


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