Getting Fit For Fun- No. 2

Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk much?

I’m kind of struggling to get my head round what has just happened.  Karen suggested that I waited for three weeks before weighing in again and we set a rough target of half a stone.  My initial training plan was 10mins cardio, a round of weights, 5mins cardio, a round of weights and 5mins of cardio to finish me off.  She also had me keep a food diary for a week, which shows up what I already knew, very erratic eating pattern - often eating very late, too much bread (but it's so lovely), and far too much in the way of processed food.

Three weeks have now passed and I have just weighed in.  The last three weeks have been great, I’m really enjoying moving again - even if it is in a very controlled way.  With the encouragement of my training partner Mr Johnston, I have built my training sessions up to 15mins cardio, a round of weights, 15mins cardio, a round of weights and 15mins cardio to finish off with.  I’ve been watching my food but still struggling with bread and the erratic nature of my life, but I am feeling confident.

With all my dedication and hard work I have managed to lose one whole . . . . . pound!!  Yep that is it, just a pound.  To say I was a bit miffed is an understatement.  Obviously I made a bit of a joke of it but it wasn’t the news I had expected or hoped for.  Well I don't have any choice but to carry on, public humiliation and all that, but I'm slightly regretting my rashness.

Weight 27st 12.5lbs

Loss 1lb

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