Getting Fit For Fun- No. 14

Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk 10k....... almost there!

I'm sitting in my house, it's Sunday evening and I have had a lovely week. Even my car has got behind my drive for fitness!

At the beginning of the week I set myself the goal of walking to and from work 5 times. Which I sort of managed, I walked in six times and walked home 4 times, so I'm giving myself an 'ish' on that goal.  I also decided one night to walk over the Staney Hill round the back of Clickimin.  Now this turned into a bit of a challenge - it's very steep, I mean really very steep.  By the time I got as far as the bench half way up I was grateful for the sit down, so grateful I even considered setting up home there and living out the rest of my time in Shetland on the bench.  But I made a push for the summit top and got home.

I also made a reckless commitment to do both the loops of the MYH walk in one hit.  Now I don't think I've quite completed the 10k as you have to do a lap or two of a field as well, but to have managed both sections feels great.  It was the limit of what I probably can currently manage and I was having a bit of a sense of humour failure in the last half mile, but I had Steve keeping me company, encouraging me and taking all the abuse I could throw his way.

The final reason I'm feeling good is for a few hours I wasn't last in our team list for the NHS walk da rock challenge.  Now I know it's not a competition (but it sort of is really) and I know full well that I had probably timed updating my steps well.  But not to be the one contributing the least, just for a while, felt good.

So with my car off the road the next week promises more of the same. Three gym visits, walking to and from work and who knows where my feet will take me next weekend.

Weight 25st 11lbs (I haven’t weighed in for a while, I imagine the scales of doom are waiting for me)

Total Loss 2st 2lbs

Notch Watch down 5

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