Getting Fit for Fun- No. 13

Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk 10k....... T-minus 8 weeks and counting

So, first off an apology.  It has been awhile since I updated this blog and although I have a range of excuses, some good and some less good, ultimately I find writing this has helped me stay focussed on what I want to achieve, and your support and kind comments have kept me motivated.  So I am recommitting to more regular updates.

I have been up to quite a lot since I last wrote.  I have been to visit my family, I have learned to make water biscuits (for people who can already make water biscuits I know this is not much of a brag - but I was quite proud), I have introduced more elements of exercise to my daily life - sort of - and I have lost my way with food and then found it again - sort of.

Going to visit the family was good, though my weight has always been such a volatile subject between us so not a lot was said about it.  However it was my inability to shop correctly that led me to the discovery that water biscuits are quite easy to make (recipe below).  The trick is to roll dough thin, cut them out small and give them another roll. Very tasty though I do say so myself.  I also took every opportunity to shop, I shopped lots.  I got some decent walking shoes with some proper cushioning and I must say that with my trainers for the gym, and now these walking shoes, my feet are a lot happier with me than they were.

The downside was my routine got all turned around and I have been struggling with my eating again.  The content and the quantity.  I think mentally I took some time off whilst I was away and have been struggling to re find my focus.  This has all come to a head over the last few days and I hope, no I think, NO I HAVE found a new commitment to the cause, though I was quite surprised and disappointed with myself as to how easily old habits took over.

We have entered a few teams at work into the ‘Walk da Rock’ challenge being run by NHS Shetland.  It's a bit daunting to see how far some of my colleagues opt to move on a Sunday!  I always thought that Sundays were very specifically for resting.

On a final and much more positive note, I completed the 5km course round Cunningsburgh that Mind your Head are using on the 27th of August.  As I have now committed to doing the 10km course this is only half way, but it feels good to have ticked it off and I have eight more weeks till the event itself.

Weight 25st 11lbs

Total Loss 2st 2lbs

Notch Watch down 5

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Water Biscuit Recipe

200g Plain Flour

Tsp baking powder

50g cold butter, diced

Flaky sea salt

Heat up an oven to 160C.  Put the flour, baking powder, butter and a pinch of salt into a food processor and blitz until the butter is completely mixed in.  Add some water and pulse the mixture, you are trying to create a dough - not to wet or to dry.

What I did was now roll out the dough on a floured surface and used the smallest cutter we had to cut out disks, and then I rolled them again.  This made them very thin and tasty.

Once you have them all cut out, pop on a baking sheet and prick all over with a fork.  A little brush of water and a sprinkling of sea salt. Bake for 10 or so mins until they look cooked.

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