Getting Fit For Fun- No. 12

Graeme Howell's blog charting his epic struggle to walk 5k....... make that 10k!

30lbs down, yep I am now thirty pounds lighter than when I started this little adventure. 2st 2 lbs and there is two ways to look at this.  On one hand that's a lot of me that's gone, just over 13 1kilo bags of flour.  I'm fitter, happier and according to a colleague 'cropping up in more places around work' - which I think he viewed as not a good thing.  On the other hand I'm still fat and there is a long road still to go until that fact changes.

I've calmed down a lot in terms of what I am eating, I think I was trying to make a brutal change and was cross and angry when it wasn't having the impact it should have.  Where I am at now feels more balanced and much more maintainable as an approach. My natural inclination to impatience will need to continue to take a back seat.

The going to the gym has taken on a whole new level of pain and fun since I did a bit of exploring of the settings on the running and cycling machines at clickimin.  Usually I hop on the treadmill, put a bit of an incline on the machine and push the speed to where I can cope.  Anyway if you push a bunch of buttons you can find 'preset profiles' a whole exciting world of diagrams of different speeds, inclines heart rates etc etc.  Golly, my time on the machines is now a whole lot more sweaty, but I keep telling myself that's a good thing.

On a final note Karen - she of the scales of doom - reckons doing the 5K Mind Your Head walk at the end of August is no longer challenge enough. The feeling is I should commit to walking the 10K and that seems a very long way.  But I'm going to do it, 6 miles by the end of August and to be honest I'm a little frightened by that thought.

Weight 25st 11lbs

Total Loss 2st 2lbs

Notch Watch down 5

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