Getting Fit For Fun- No. 11

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So I took a week off from the blog and sort of took a bit of time off from healthy living - feeling a little stupid about some of the choices I've made to be honest - I mean no one needs candyfloss . . . .  

First a few bits of positivity, I'm down another belt notch - which is good.  We've changed my training plan for more extended periods of cardio, which is less pleasant, but probably good.  Finally I've got some shiny new trainers that are a little like walking around with a mattress strapped to each foot.

Since I started at the gym I've been wearing some good old fashioned white plimsolls. I love my plimsolls, proper ‘old skool’, but I must admit that I have been suffering a lot of pain in both my heels.  On the advice of my training partner, Mr J, I headed to Intersport in Lerwick.  After chatting to the manager he explained, very politely, that I was being a tad foolish and had me try on the trainers with the thickest soles he could find.  My feet felt a lot better instantly, the only issue was the lurid lime green colour.  However the health of my heels won out over any remaining fashion sense I may have.  It's not been an instant cure and my feet get very warm, but it's definitely better than it was, and you can see me coming from a mile away!

So what happened last week to cause me to lose my way?  I'm going to use the fact it was my birthday as a partial excuse, though I'm not sure how I managed to extend it for five days, and to be honest I think I was just a bit fed up with it all.  It started on Tuesday with some candyfloss at the circus (but that's mainly air), meandered via cheese scones and cake on my birthday, took a short pit stop at Fjara with my Mind Your Head colleagues and finished at the Scalloway Hotel with a belated birthday lunch on Saturday.  It was all very lovely but there is an obvious flaw in my current thinking if I feel the need for 'time off'.  If I’m going to be successful this has to be a lifestyle change, not something I need a break from.

Weight 26st 3lbs

Total Loss 1st 10.5lbs

Notch Watch down 5

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