Getting Fit For Fun- No. 10

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I think I need to start by clearing up a misunderstanding from last week’s blog post. I have been using a mandoline to slice my sweet potato into crisps, not a mandolin. Which I'm sure would be regarded as a crime against music. Now for a SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT, if you purchase a mandoline it should come with a guard to protect your fingers when slicing (mine did). Make sure you use it (I didn't). Trying to type having taken a thin slice off the top of your finger is a little painful.  Anyway, enough of my silliness.

Writing a column like this you try to be upbeat, but I'm sure you won't mind me saying I've been a bit fed up with this healthy living malarkey this last week. I'm really not sure why. Everything is going well. I have made good progress on attacking the uphill sections of the MYH walk. I'm sticking to the eating goals I set myself. The gym is fun and I'm managing to get the speed up on treadmill. So why did I descend into a blue funk?

It's probably not worth worrying why, funks happen (as George Clinton probably said).  But what has been great is that because of this blog I've felt able to talk openly about how I'm feeling to a few people.  When people have asked how I'm doing, I've just been honest.  I don't think anyone, least of all me, expects this to be a smooth journey but being able to articulate when it's been challenging was surprisingly useful.  The simple act of saying I'm fed up helped me take ownership of the feeling and find a way back.

Anyway no weigh in this week so far as I was a little poorly over the weekend and thought it unwise to go to the gym this morning. But all is good, feeling positive, talking helped - so thanks for listening.

Weight 26st 5lbs

Total Loss 1st 8.5lbs

Notch Watch down 4

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