Don’t Bottle It Up Campaign- Devon

Today sees the launch of Devon who represents Self Confidence.

As part of mental health awareness week, student Imogen Leslie is designing a poster campaign targeting young people.  Devon is the second character of 4 being launched this week.

When designing this character Imogen said:  "I made this character because at the time I wasn’t able to attend school. I would always be reminded how I didn’t show my real self, and I would pretend to be somebody who I wasn’t."

Jonny Polson Managing director of Art Machine explains his involvement with the project and what made him agree to do it:  "As soon as I saw the sketches that Imogen had created, I was immediately interested.  Over the past year seeing how she developed them into full colour digital characters, really showed off what a talent she has.  Also there is a sadness of how she feels all of these negative emotions and that made me really want to get involved in boosting this campaign to raise awareness and let young people know that it’s ok to speak about their feelings and emotions."

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