Talking about how you feel is important for your mental well being. The men in this series of films share their stories to help encourage others to talk more openly about their mental health.


The short monologue film tells the story of local man Laurence.  The story is told in his own words and he recalls, at times with real emotion, the real dark side of mental ill health and how alone you can feel if suffering from a mental illness, thinking you are the only person in the world feeling like that.  The film is very raw and emotive but tells a very poignant tale.  We hope that by Laurence sharing his story it will help others to feel able to talk more openly about mental health.

To view the film click on the link


Ben's story is about a local Shetland guy who left Shetland to go to university, and then whilst there struggled with the separation from family and friends, and his life in Shetland.  It is an honest account of how separation can cause anxiety and other emotions and feelings and what impact that has on an individuals everyday life, as well as the effect on his family, who are miles away.

To view the film click on the link 


Robert's story tells of a local Shetland man who has known, and still knows people who are experiencing significant mental health problems, some of whom are no longer with us as a result of their illness.  Robert has not experienced mental ill health himself, however he recognises the importance and benefit of talking.  He has has seen the positive impact it has had amongst his staff group and himself as a manager, when a 'Grubby Hut' session was delivered by Mind Your Head a few months ago.

To view the film click on the link  

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