Grubby Huts

The Grubby Hut Initiative is about talking and listening in your workplace. It’s about starting important conversations and in doing so targeting men because we are told they don’t talk about mental health.

The thing is we’ve found out they do.

We don’t stand and lecture. We sit down with your staff at lunchtime and chat. We’ll eat a sandwich, share a pot of tea, play a game of darts and we’ll talk. They then tell us about... .

  • their friend who “du keens took their ain life”
  • how they wouldn’t tell their employer if they had a sore back never mind
  • depression because there are plenty of other men to take their place
  • their wife who has been poorly
  • how they wouldn’t want to be put on certain anti-depressants because then they wouldn’t be able to operate machinery
  • their work mate who was off for three months and that they wished they had said beforehand so they could have helped before things got so bad
  • how they wouldn’t know what to say if a friend came to them telling them they were suicidal
  • money worries - “it used to be da clubby book noo da wife uses da plastic apo amazon”

They tell us that if they were worried they might talk to the lass in the office or to their wife or to a friend or maybe to a doctor... or maybe no.

“Or maybe no” is what has to change.

If you would like to find out more about The Grubby Hut Intitiative or to book a visit to your business please contact us.

Da Grubby Hut Initiative has been possible with funding from The Big Lottery

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