We undertake a variety of education projects in Shetland schools, both primary and secondary.

In February and March 2014, thanks to funding from See Me, we undertook a pilot project in Brae High School called 'Minders'.

The project aimed to get the pupils in Brae Junior High School to create and set up a campaign about reducing stigma in their School.  This would be done through any media or form.  The campaign was led by the young people, with support from Mind Your Head workers.  If they had an idea the workers would assist them in realising it or help the young people explore alternatives.  Their project was divided into two focuses - #IUnderstand and #IamChanging.  #I understand would create posters and a massive banner outside of the school working on getting people to speak – stop bullying (understanding how it feels to be bullied) and improving understanding of depression and self harm.  # I am Changing planned to make a short video/film to show the effects of bullying and to encourage the school to continue promoting anti-bullying and anti- stigma.

Gary Spence, Deputy Head said ‘the posters are looking great – looking forward to seeing the end result’ and ‘The assembly seemed to really capture some of the pupils – what a great number of pupils coming forward to help the project.’  A young person from #Iamchanging group said ‘I don’t understand why people bully others, it makes the school a bad place to be in. Hopefully we can change that a bit.’  Another young person from #Iunderstand group said ‘I have a friend that self harms – I want to learn more so I can help her.’

Information for teachers

Teachers may find it useful to direct pupils seeking advice or information on mental health and wellbeing to look at our young people section.  Information detailed here is reflected in our young people information cards which are specifically designed for those aged Primary 6 through to secondary 2 age pupils.  To obtain copies please contact us.

Mind Your Head Roadshow and educational resources

Martin Summers from SIC Youth Services during the 2012 RoadshowIn 2012 our large scale education initiative was our Mind Your Head Roadshow, which toured secondary schools and youth clubs in the autumn. During the event we engaged with over 1500 young people and delivered 60 educational sessions. We left all schools an educational resource pack which included class plans, a DVD of our short film called 'net.curtain' as well as information on online resources. The resources can also be downloaded here in PDF format.  The Roadshow was made possible with funding from See Me and the local Carers Link. The Roadshow evaluation report can be accessed here.

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