Community Survey

In 2014 we again launched a community survey. This was developed to track any changes in thoughts and attitudes since 2011, gather ideas about how to tackle stigma around mental health and help shape the development of a new support service.

The findings of the 2014 community survey were compiled into a report by Emma Perring which was officially launched at our AGM in September 2014.

Jacqui Clark, Team Leader at Mind Your Head, said “The survey report highlights concerns about mental health services and support available.  That information is important for everyone that is involved with support service provision in Shetland and we will make sure the report is circulated to them.”  She added, “It is also clear that respondents share our view that we should prioritise our new support service.”

The survey also provided an opportunity to review changes in attitudes and stigma surrounding mental ill health.  The survey results showed a 59% increase in those who felt stigma was issue, yet a similar amount felt it had reduced in the last 3 years.  Jacqui Clark said “For us that indicates there is clearly a continued need for us to improve understanding and awareness.  I personally find it very sad to read comments from respondents stating that, for example, they keep their illness secret or feel they are treated differently.  Negative attitudes do not change overnight but I assure you we will keep on trying very hard to improve understanding and acceptance.”

The full report can be accesssed here.  If you would like to view the executive summary then please download it here.

Since the 2011 survey Mind Your Head have focused their work on education and continuing to tackle stigma by improving understanding of an illness that touches many lives in the Shetland community.  In the last year alone over 1500 people have taken part in mental health training, educational workshops and awareness raising projects the charity has delivered.

Mind Your Head are committed to again taking onboard feedback and comments in the same way as we did in 2011.  Already, for example, comments and feedback obtained on the website through the survey have as far as possible been incorporated into this re-designed site.  We will also be doing the following:

  • Sharing findings with partners and organisations involved in mental health service provision locally and when applicable nationally
  • Linking our findings into the Shetland Mental Health Strategy
  • Using the findings to help inform support service development
  • Review and update our development plans through to 2016, taking account of survey findings.  This is due to happen in November 2014
  • Explore academic research possibilities into mental health in Shetland
  • Ensure that we again run a community survey in 2016 in order to monitor trends

For further information on the 2011 survey you can access the 2011 Executive Summary here and the 2011 full report by clicking here.

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